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Life Care Planning and Management for Seniors


It was recently the first anniversary of my Mom’s passing.   As I was reminiscing I though of you and the help you gave me in making her last few years more peaceful and enjoyable.

I would like to give you a heartfelt thank you not just for helping us find a nice and welcoming residence but also for you sincere personal help and the care you had in making sure we had a suitable and comfortable place that she would enjoy.

I also remember how when you learned she had gone into the hospital you insisted upon going to make sure she was alright and being properly attended to.  For that and all of the help you provided to me and to her I would like to sincerely Thank you!

Phil Carpentier

Robin was very professional, strategic, and thoughtful in her search process. She is very thorough in the research phase of her process.  I love the way she customizes a solution just for your family.  I would recommend her to anyone who is in search of a place for their loved one.

Ken Canion

Robin and Paisley Bridges have been a tremendous resource for the families we are helping to serve.  She has a wealth of knowledge and expertise that goes above and beyond for her clients every day. She is a true blessing to anyone looking for researching care for their loved ones.

Kerri Groen

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