Consulting Services

Leadership and Career Coaching

One-on-one coaching
Group Coaching

Leadership and career coaching spans from finding motivation in what you do, to specific training in sales and operations, to building a team. This coaching is ideal for persons who are seeking personal growth within their current position and/or looking for career growth.

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Strategy and Operations

Viable and Successful Results

A PB coach works directly with the Executive, Sales, and Wellness directors to strengthen the company’s Sales and Marketing Plan by creating a customized growth strategy to increase occupancy and revenue.

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Sales and Operations Specialist

A PB coach will work directly with the Sales Team as a Sales Specialist to assist in the sales process, outreach, marketing events, CRM data clean up, etc.

A PB coach will work directly with the Executive, Regional or VP of Operations to assist in fostering a positive work culture and coaching them through the best practices in running the day to day operations of a senior living community.

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